Talk About Healthy Living

Want to Lower Stress for Free? Doctors Are Prescribing This!

May 20, 2021 Season 1 Episode 114
Talk About Healthy Living
Want to Lower Stress for Free? Doctors Are Prescribing This!
Show Notes

To promote healthier lifestyles and prevent chronic health issues, nature has now become recognized as a promising and effective approach to integrative health care. Really! In this episode, host and personal development coach Peggy Sealfon talks about the latest breakthroughs in research about nature prescriptions as a "real" resolution to many health issues.  Plus hear about the latest opportunities in parks and recreation, technology and "nature economics."  Learn what you can do today to feel less stressed and more vital!


Mentioned in the podcast:
1. Directory of RX programs
2. ParkRx America

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P.S. When working on the video series Mindfulness Moments from the Paradise Coast mentioned in the podcast, Peggy was videotaping the snowy white egret (pictured) atop boulders overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.  A beautiful moment in nature...until she slipped and fell to the bottom of the craggy rocks and broke her arm. After surgery--during the pandemic--she began downloading the story that became her first fictional, award-winning book Awakening A Novel!!!