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Talk About Healthy Living

Peggy Sealfon

Want to improve your vitality and feel-good powers with life-changing advice from a highly respected expert? Internationally-renowned personal development coach and author Peggy Sealfon offers strategies in digestible audio bites of under 10 minutes. She talks about how to live with passion, purpose and awaken to your greatness. Each episode focuses on a technique you can use immediately to transition from anxiety and doubt to supercharging your life; from stress-filled days to freedom; from languishing to flourishing. Take a break, listen and become empowered! Peggy has trained with masters in eastern and western traditions. She offers a blend of effective methods to sustain "mental wellness" focusing on skills to activate and align mind, body, spirit. Choose one episode or listen to all. Amp up your game, boost your energies and creativity. Connect to your best self now!

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